‘03:00 AM MONSTER GAME’ is a music video for the Amsterdam based, Parisian electro duo SACRE. The music video tells a story of impossibility within love, intimacy, and self-love. The idea of the 'monster game' is here portrayed as a chase. During the video, the figure is following a red ribbon, the symbol of the bond shared between two loved ones. As the character reaches the end of the ribbon, it realizes that when love is impossible, the only way out is to face yourself.

The video was entirely shot during the quarantine in South of France during the pandemic. Thus the director, myself, was responsible for the makeup, styling, DOP, drone operating, and editing.

France, 2020 

Directed by - Louisiane Trotobas
Model - Cecilia Mezzi
Garment - Catherine Chen & Linnea Nordquist (Liquist)
Music - Sacre