KTALYST is a series of five short films presenting Inaurem’s limited collection of 3D printed and metal jewellery, designed by multidisciplinary artist Metaraph. Inspired by the Chinese concept of the five elements — Wu Xing, each film depicts enigmatic, otherworldly creatures embodying earth, wood, fire, water, and metal. The creatures reflect the authentic identities of each model, as the boundaries between subject and character blur. They embody the uniqueness of their own ethnicity and gender identities, using fiction to find a home that couldn’t elsewhere be found.

London, 2019
All videos are featured on GLAMCULT

Directed, Cast, Filmed & Edited - Louisiane Trotobas
Jewellery artist — Inaurem by Metaraph
Makeup artist — Luke Harris Hairstylist
Hair artist — MonsterHouse by Enric Genesis
Set designer — Maïssane Zinaï
Stylist — Yiling Zhao
3D artist — Kumbirai Makumbe
Models — Emily Crooked, Michael Moon, Sade English, Caviar Hao Jiang, Vit Trojanovsky
Sound Design — Llorenç Garcia
Lighting — Josha Eiffel