Pushing the boundaries of digital experiences, ALL1 is a multi-sensory virtual exhibition exploring 'archiving as a creative output'. A collaboration between Diana Ganea, Kumbirai Makumbe, and I, we were heavily inspired by Azekel‘s collection of camcorder footage and wanted to reinterpret what a digital multi-sensory exhibition could look like. A digital scentscape can also be experience within the space, created by the perfumer Veronique Nyberg.

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''Azekel, accompanied by Ganea, Trotobas, and Makumbe are pushing the boundaries of what it means to be exhibiting in a digital age. Going beyond just static virtual exhibition tours seen on many famous galleries during the pandemic, they are creating an experience that does not lack from a physical one.''
Words: Anisha Khemlani

London, 2020 

Music and archive - @azekel
Art direction - @deeisoffline and @louisiane____
Unity design - @deeisoffline and @koombry
Video treatments - @louisiane____
Spatial design - @koombry
Programming - @alpha_rats
Digital perfume - @veroniquenyberg
Intro song - @domvalentinoo